About Pure Stories.

Powerful and imaginative productions on the cutting edge of art, media and technology.

Marnix van de Vijver MA
Imagineer at Imagination Lab and founder of Pure Stories.


As an interaction designer in public space, it is my goal to immerse people in a story. To create an unforgettable moment, which makes the audience emotionally involved with the subject.

The Pure Stories concept is born out of love for experience design. A stage for professionals who develop and design special experiences. These projects respond to the trend escapism. Productions which triggers the desire to leave the beaten track, to look for exciting new perspectives. Let yourself be carried into another dimension. The work is ready to deploy at your event, art-show, fair, festival or any other opportunity.

“It’s inspiring to work with Marnix. To work out ideas with him to create a product has been a terriffic experience everytime. He is professional at doing his job, creative, and always seems to understand the idea I present to him. After that, he’s even able to put my idea to an even higher level. He’s very accurate and never delivers a product that’s not ‘finished’. Besides that, he’s loyal and never misses his deadline. I’m always looking forward to work on a project with Marnix. No doubt, people who’ve worked with him as well will agree with me.”
– Daan Bogers owner of Daan Bogers Musicproductions